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Here you can find information about Festivals worldwide and concerts in the Holland/Belgium/Germany region. Telephone numbers mentioned here are Dutch numbers unless the gig is not in Holland. So, if you call from abroad, do this: Add 31 and leave out the first zero, like in (for example) 033 444 55 66 you get 31 33 444 55 66. Got it?


Werrastock (Germany)

Jumprock (Germany)

Meltdown Conference (United Kingdom)

Nordic Fest (Norway)

Revolution Metal Fest (Mexico)

Winter Wonder Rock Festival (Netherlands)

Christmas Rocknight (Germany)

Peacedog Winter Festival (Netherlands)

Elements Of Rock  (Switzerland)

CRN UK (United Kingdom)

Bob Fest (Sweden)

Fear Dark Festivals (Netherlands & Germany)

Facedown Fest (USA)

Pilou Festival (Switzerland)

Deep Impact (Finland)

MetalZone Festival (Sweden)

Owener Rocknacht (Germany)

Metanoia Festival (Brazil)

Stryper Expo (USA)

Ungkraft Festival  (Sweden)

Cornerstone Florida (USA)

Amphirock Festival (Finland)

Creation East Festival (USA)

Cornerstone Festival (USA)

Peacedog Festival (Netherlands)

Sonshine Festival (USA)

DP Summer Festival (Norway)

Freakstock Festival (Germany)

Creation West Festival (USA)

Cornerstone Festival NC (USA)

Destruction Festival (United Kingdom)

Flevo Totaal Festival (Netherlands)

Portico Fest (USA)

Texas Terror Fest (USA)

Summer Madness (USA)

Cross Music Metal Fest (Germany)

Other Concerts


Werrastock Festival

Werrastock. Location: Eschwege, Germany.



Friday October 29th 2004: Jumprock. Location: Schillerhalle, Dettingen/Erms, Germany. Artists: Justifide, V12, Yakuzi, Crushead, Groundstaff, Ridiculous, L-60.


Meltdown Conference

November 12-14th 2004:  Meltdown. Bands: Gen, Zealous, Fire Fly, Soulcry, Blunt Skulls, Suckerpunch, Small Fish. Location: The Quinta Christian Centre, Western Rhyn, Nr Oswestry, Shropshire, United Kingdom.


Nordic Fest

October 21st-24th 2004: Nordic Fest. Location: Sub Scene, Oslo, Norway. Bands: Ashen Mortality, Benea Reach, Rob Rock, Antestor, Soapbox, Bleedience, Narnia, Mental Destruction, Renascent, Harmony, Megiddon, Equilibrium (formerly known as Stronghold), Inevitable End, Diamondog.


Revolution Metal Fest

November 20th 2004: Revolution Metal Fest. Location: Mexico City. Artists: Stryper, Narnia, Saviour Machine, Exousia.


Winter Wonder Rock Festival

December 3rd & 4th 2004: Winter Wonder Rock Festival. Location: IJsselhallen, Zwolle, Holland. Bands: Pillar, The O.C. Supertones, Day of Fire, East West, Project 86, and more.


Christmas Rocknight

December 3rd & 4th 2004: Christmas Rock Night. The Christmas Rock Night will be held in Haus Ennepetal, Gasstrasse 10. Ennepetal (near Wuppertal), Germany. Line-up. Friday: The O.C. Supertones, Project 86, Crushead (Mainstage); Seventh Avenue, Gen, Blunt Skulls (small stage). Saturday: Pillar, East West, Splitlevel (Mainstage); Morphia, Opposition Of One, Make Up Your Mind. To see the total line-up, go to the website of the Christmas Rock Night.


Peacedog Winter Festival

Peacedog Winter Festival. Location: De Kei, Peppelensteeg, Ede.


Elements Of Rock

February 25th-27th 2004: Elements Of Rock. Location: Stadthofsaal, Uster (near Zürich), Switzerland. Bands: Slechtvalk, Balance Of Power, Crimson Moonlight, Barren Cross, Thy Majestie, LoPhat, Pantokrator, Morphia, Trust, Opposition Of One.



CRN UK   Rock Festival in the United Kingdom



March 11th-13th 2005: Bob Fest. Linköping, Sweden.


Fear Dark Festivals

More info: Fear Dark. Bands: Eluveitie, Thy Majestie and Slechtvalk.

Friday March 4th 2005: in Germany.

Saturday March 5th 2005: in De Kei, Holland.

Sunday March 6th 2005: in Hedon, Holland (yet to be confirmed).


Facedown Fest

More information: Facedown Records.


Pilou Festival

Pilou Festival. Location: l'Amalgame in Yverdon, Switzerland.


Deep Impact

Deep Impact


MetalZone Festival

Metalzone  Metal festival in Sweden.


Owener Rocknacht

Owener Rocknacht. Location: Teckhalle, Owen-Teck.


Metanoia Festival

Metanoia Festival. Location: Vitoria, Brazil.


Stryper Expo

Stryper Expo. This year there won't be a Stryper Expo.


Ungkraft Festival

Ungkraft Festival


Cornerstone Florida

Cornerstone Florida, in Central Florida Fairgrounds, 4603 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida, USA.


Amphirock Festival

Ampirock Festival, in Järvenpää, Finland.


Creation East Festival

Creation Festival. Location: Agape Farm Campground, Mount Union, Pennsylvania, USA.


Cornerstone Festival

Cornerstone. Location: Bushnell, near Peoria, Illinois, USA. View the complete schedule.


Peacedog Festival

Peacedog Festival. Location: De Kei, Peppelensteeg, Ede.


Sonshine Festival

Sonshine Festival.


DP Summer Festival

DP Summer Festival. Norway. Location: Motangen, Blaker, Akerhus, Norway.


Freakstock Festival

Freakstock Festival. Location: Boxberg, Gotha, Germany.


Creation West Festival

Creation Festival. Location: The Gorge Amfitheater, George, Washington, USA.


Cornerstone Festival NC

Cornerstone Festival NC. Location: Elon, North Carolina, USA.


Destruction Festival

Destruction Festival. Location: The Underworld, 174 Camden High Street, Camden Town, London, United Kingdom.


Flevo Totaal Festival

Flevo Totaal Festival. Location: Landgoed Velder, Liempde, Holland.


Portico Fest

Portico Fest. Location: Skamania County Fairgrounds in Stevenson, Washington, USA.


Texas Terror Festival

Texas Terror Fest.


Summer Madness

Summer Madness festival. This festival will take place in the Chain Reaction, in Anaheim, California, USA. Summer Madness is hosted by Roxx Productions.


Cross Music Metal Fest

Cross Music Metal Fest, in Güterbahnhof, Bad Hersfeld, Germany.


Other concerts

October 8th 2004: Morphia (with Orphanage), in De Peppel, Montaubanstraat, Zeist.

October 9th 2004: Crushead, at Zeltwoche, Vöhringen, Germany.

October 12th 2004: Stretch Arm Strong, in JH Sojo, Leuven, Belgium

October 13th 2004: Stretch Arm Strong, in Zwischenfall, Bochum, Germany.

October 14th 2004: Stretch Arm Strong, in AJZ, Leisnig, Germany.

October 15th 2004: Stretch Arm Strong, in Havanna Bar, Eisenach, Germany.

October 15th 2004: Nomen (as a support-act for Johnny Truant), in Bolwerk, Sneek, Holland.

October 16th 2004: German Metal Festival, in De Kei, Peppelensteeg, Ede. Artists: Sacrificium, Brain:FAQ, Exaudi, Anticipation. Starts: 19:00. Entrance 10 euro.

Saturday October 16th 2004: Sattelite 7, at Fairfood Filmfestival, in Beatrixhal, Utrecht, Holland.

October 16th 2004: Crushead, at Jesus-House-Party, in Sporthalle, Etzelsdorf, Germany.

Saturday October 16th 2004: Stretch Arm Strong, at Hardcore Party, in Trier, Germany.

Sunday October 17th 2004: Stretch Arm Strong, in Alter Stattbahnhoff, Schweinfurt, Germany.

October 22nd 2004: Deep Insight, in Ansbach, Germany.

October 23rd 2004: Crushead, at Kirchliche Tag, in Reutlingen-Mittelstadt, Germany.

October 27th 2004: Deep Insight, in Den Bosch, Holland.

October 29th 2004: Comeback Kid, in Goudvishal, Arnhem, Holland.

October 29th 2004: Seekers Planet, in Berufsschule Fürth, Fürth, Germany.

October 30th 2004: Comeback Kid, in JZ Nord, Herten, Germany.

October 31st 2004: Stretch Arm Strong, in Goudvishal, Arnhem, Holland.

November 1st 2004: Stretch Arm Strong, in Wild At Heart, Berlin, Germany.

November 4th 2004: Stretch Arm Strong, in Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany.

November 6th 2004: Slechtvalk (recording a DVD), in Hedon, Burgemeester Drijbersingel 7, Zwolle, Holland. Doors open: 19:30, start: 20:00. Entrance € 5,00.

November 11th 2004: Comeback Kid, in Lintfabriek, Kontich, Belgium.

November 12th 2004: Deep Insight, in Quasimodo, Zittau, Germany.

November 12th 2004: Comeback Kid, in Germany.

November 14th 2004: Deep Insight, in Subway To Peter, Chemitz, Germany.

November 18th 2004: Comeback Kid, in Germany.

November 19th 2004: Comeback Kid, in Conne Island, Leipzig, Germany.

Saturday November 20th 2004: Blackstrap & Make Up Your Mind, at Cocoon 2004, in Houten, Holland.

Saturday November 20th 2004: Comeback Kid, in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Saturday November 20th 2004: Petra & Disciple & Phosphonic, in Forum de Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland.

November 21st 2004: Comeback Kid, in Switzerland.

November 22nd 2004: Comeback Kid, in Sunny Red, München, Germany.

November 23rd 2004: Comeback Kid, in Schlachthof, Dornbirn, Austria.

November 25th 2004: Satellite 7 (as support-act of The Statistics), in Winston, Amsterdam, Holland.

Friday November 26th 2004: My Evil Twin, in Solution, Hillegom, Holland.

Friday November 26th 2004: As I Lay Dying, in Goudvishal, Arnhem, Holland.

November 26th 2004: Comeback Kid, in Switzerland.

November 27th 2004: Comeback Kid, in JZ Riot, Lichtenstein, Germany.

Saturday November 27th 2004: As I Lay Dying, in Kato, Berlin, Germany.

Sunday November 28th 2004: As I Lay Dying, in Schlachthof, Karlsruhe, Germany.

November 30th 2004: Comeback Kid, in Kaos Keller, Ulm/Langenau, Germany.

December 1st 2004: Comeback Kid, in Holland.

March 5th 2005: Seekers Planet, at Get God, Solingen, Germany.

March 19th 2005: Seekers Planet, at Owener Rocknacht, Owen-Teck, Germany.

March 28th 2005: Seekers Planet, at Spring Festival, in Ruhpolding, Germany.

June 24th 2005: Seekers Planet, at CVJM Festival, in Kassel, Germany.

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