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Acoustic Torment  Death Metal, installed 12/23/2000

Anaemia Heavy Metal, installed 01/22/2000

Antestor Black Metal, Installed 10/05/99

Armegeddon Holocaust  Black Metal, installed 10/28/2000

Ashen Mortality Doom/Death Metal, installed 11/12/99

Bad Little Duck  Powercore/Funk Rock/Metal, installed 02/05/2000

Balance Of Power   Progressive Metal, installed 08/25/2001

B-Band (Sympho)Rock, Installed 10/05/99

Betrayal  Metal/Gothic, installed 04/22/2000

Blindside Hardcore, Installed 10/05/99

Blindside   Hardcore, installed 06/01/2001

Born Blind  Hardcore, installed 08/16/2000

Brainwave Festival Report  installed 02/16/2001

Bushbaby Heavy Rock, Installed 10/05/99

Crestfall  Metal, installed 01/27/2001

Deliverance Metal/Industrial, installed 11/18/2000

Detonation  Heavy Metal, installed 02/24/2001

Detonation   Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal, installed 07/13/2001

Deuteronomium Death 'n Roll, Installed 10/05/99

Drottnar  Black Metal, installed 01/27/2001

Dust Eater Dogs Hardrock 'n Roll/Hardcore, installed 08/26/2000

Embodyment  Metalcore/Postcore, installed 05/13/2000

Eso-Charis Metalcore, Installed 10/05/99

Eternal Decision Groovy Thrash Metal, installed 06/03/2000

Extol  Technical Death Metal, installed 04/01/2000

Extol  Technical Death Metal, installed 09/23/2000

Fire Fly Progressive Rock, installed 01/22/2000

Fire Fly  Progressive Rock, installed 02/10/2001

Galactic Cowboys  Metal/Heavy Rock, installed 06/10/2000

Ghoti Hook  Poppunk/Powerpop, installed 09/23/2000

Glorybox  Noisepop, installed 02/05/2000

Gnashing Of Teeth  Metalcore, installed 10/07/2000

Hallowed  Melodic Metal, installed 04/20/2001

Inversion   Death Metal/Grindcore, installed 07/27/2001

Jacks Of All Trades  Rapcore, installed 02/10/2001

Jacobs Dream   Heavy Melodic Metal, installed 05/22/2001

Jacobs Dream Heavy Melodic Metal, installed 06/29/2001

Kennereth  Progressive Power Metal, installed 02/19/2000

King's X  Hard Rock, installed 05/13/2000

Little Rose Productions Finnish Label, Installed 10/05/99

Living Sacrifice  Brutal Metal, installed 12/02/2000

Living Sacrifice  Brutal Metal, installed 04/20/2001

Luti-Kriss   Metalcore, installed 05/05/2001

Minus SF  Skaterock, installed 02/10/2001

Minus SF   Skaterock, installed 05/18/2001

Mortification Thrash Metal, Installed 10/05/99

Mortification   Thrash Metal, installed 07/13/2001

Narnia  Melodic Metal/Power Metal, installed 01/27/2001

No Innocent Victim  Hardcore, installed 02/05/2000

Off The Record  Punk Rock/Metalpunk, installed 04/01/2000

One Truth  Hardcore, installed 02/05/2000

Orange-i   Alternative Rock, installed 02/05/2000

Project 86 Hardcore/Rapcore/Postcore, installed 03/04/2000

Robert Sweet/Stryper  Hardrock/Metal, installed 09/09/2000

Rob Rock  Melodic Metal/Power Metal, installed 12/23/2000

Rob Rock  Melodic Metal/Power Metal, installed 12/02/2000

Royal Heavy Noise, Installed 10/05/99

Sacrificium  Death Metal, installed 03/17/2001

Sanctifica  Black Metal, installed 12/02/2000

Sculpture Death Metal, Installed 10/05/99

Sculpture  Deathmetal, installed 08/16/2000

Silence The Foe  Hardcore, installed 07/27/2001

SinDizzy Heavy Rock/Metal, Installed 10/05/99

Slechtvalk  Black Metal, installed 10/28/2000

Soapbox Punk Rock, installed12/24/99

Soapbox  Punk Rock, installed 02/19/2000

Soapbox  Hardcorepunk, installed 08/16/2000

Soapbox   Hardcorepunk, installed 05/18/2001

Squad Five-O  Glam from the street, installed 10/07/2000

Stairway Melodic Metal, installed11/26/99

Stavesacre Postcore, installed11/12/99

Stretch Arm Strong Hardcore, installed10/30/99

Swirl Heavy Rock, Installed 10/05/99

Tefilla Death Metal, installed 11/26/99

The Blamed   Hardcore/Emo, installed 06/29/2001

The Deadlines Punkrock, installed 03/04/2000

The Huntingtons (Punk) Rock, installed 12/24/99

The Juliana Theory  Heavy Melodic Rock, installed 01/05/2001

The Lionheart Brothers  Emorock, installed 08/16/2000

Tinnitus  Death Metal, installed 02/24/2001

Tourniquet Metal, Installed 10/05/99

Tourniquet  Heavy Metal/Thrash, installed 02/19/2000

Troy/Sinical Glance  Symphonic Rock, installed 03/18/2000

Ultimatum  Thrash Metal, installed 03/31/2001

Vaakevandring  Black Metal, installed 01/01/2000

Vaakevandring Black Metal, installed 11/16/2001

Virgin Black  Gothic Metal, installed 08/25/2001

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