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Jayson Holmes live at the Brainwave Festival 1999


Interview with Matt Putnam (drummer), Cory Putnam (leadvocalist, guitarist) and Jayson Holmes (guitarist, vocals)

Date: January 30th 1999 at the annual Brainwave Festival

Where: Bodegraven, the Netherlands at the Brainwave festival

Other bandmembers: Arthur Green (bass)

Band's Hometown: Van Buren, USA

Discography: Eso-Charis (1998)

Contact Address: No longer because after Cornerstone 1999 the band split up. Some members of the band play in Forlorn now.

Interview by MPO and the editor of the magazine Solar System during a press conference. Some parts of this interview have been published previously in Solar System.


I had hardly heard of this band when I was told the band had signed a license-deal with the Swedish company Day-Glo for their debut-album. This album was recorded by Barry Poynter with production by Bruce Fitzhugh. At the Brainwave festival I had a chance to talk with the guys while they were on a tour with Blindside.

You recorded your first album with productional help from Bruce Fitzhugh of Living Sacrifice.

Jayson: The Fitz!

What do you think of the recording?

Cory: Oh, beautiful.

Jayson: It's wonderful for four days

Matt: We love it.

Cory: It's so fresh. We recorded it in four days and it sounds great.

Matt: It's hip hip happening.

Cory: Because Barry Poynter rulz all land and sea.

Matt: He's the magdaddy

Cory: Not really, though.

Matt: Yes, it's a good recording. We like it.

Cory: We love it!

The album was recorded in November 1997. Why took it so long before it was released?

Jayson: Artwork!

Matt: It's because of the artwork and if you look at the artwork from the US release you really can't tell that it took that long.

Jayson: It took it's time.

The American artwork is quite boring....

Matt: Yeah.

Jayson: Wow! Hey! Hahaha!

Yes, because Day-Glo they know how to do it.

All: Yeah.

Corey. Yeah, we liked that picture with the dude with the hair.

Who did the artwork?

Matt: For Day-Glo? Markus Johansson did the artwork.

You didn't have your own hand in it?

Matt: The European artwork is completely done by Markus Johansson.

He did it and you had to like it?

Matt: Actually, they gave us a web-address where we could look at it but they didn't ask us for approval. We just looked at it and said "hey that's cool" and it was already out. I mean, he bought the rights to it so they could do whatever they liked. They could have put naked guys on it if they wanted to, it wouldn't matter. No, we really like the European artwork.

Jayson: It rules!

You both play clubs as Christian venues. What do you prefer?

Jayson: We prefer non-Christian. Clubs.

Matt: Naturally we prefer non-Christian clubs because that's part of the ministry but we don't have problems with Christian clubs. We play both. We prefer non-Christian but we'll play both. We have friends on both sides and we want to make them all happy.

You're on a three week tour through Europe with Blindside. How do you like it here?

Matt: It's really neat

Jayson: It's cool

Cory: Hard bread and cheese

Jayson: Hard bread and cheese. Paid-for bathrooms, hot drinks.

Matt: The money changes every four hundred miles and so does the language. And, what else? Hockey here!

Jayson: Hockey here! Hockey rules in Europe. It rains! Yeah, we like it here.

Matt: Those are our thoughts on Europe. It's just our observations. We really like it here. We never been here. I don't know if we'll come back.

Cory: I've been here.

Matt: He's been here, I'm sorry. He came here when he played guitar with Living Sacrifice.

Is the European public different than what you're used to in the States?

Is the European....? They like to mosh a lot more over here. It's different than at home because, I guess, we're a little more well-known at home. So, people who actually come to see us where as here they've kind of heard our name so they come and check it out. So, it's a little bit different. We have a little bit more respect to earn over here. So, we really have to be slammin'.

I'm a deejay so I play your music.

Matt: So, you play the almighty Eso-Charis?

Yeah. That's a way to put it

Matt: Hahaha, sorry, we're just silly. We're kidding.

You're playing at the Brainwave Festival. What might people expect from an Eso-Charis show?

Matt: Chaotic layered crusted metal with a hint of crust. (laughs)

Jayson: Glamrock. Lying on the ground....

Matt: Freakin' out and hockey here!

Jayson: .... Shaking and screamin'

Matt: We're going to put on a good show. I'm not sure. The only instruments that belongs to us are the guitars. Everything else is rented and relented. So, I hope that it all sounds good. We really want to have a good show today. We kind of wanna make everybody happy but you can't please them all. So, we're just trying to have fun and put on a good show and.....

Jayson: ....have fun!

Matt: Hopefully, everybody likes it. I hope people mosh.


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